October 16, 2016

Out of the Box Everlasting by Jennifer Theriot

Out of the Box Everlasting is the third book in the Out of the Box Series by Jennifer Theriot.

A tragic news confronts newly engaged couple Ash Harper and Olivia Petersen as soon as they get back from a romantic vacation abroad. Hayden, one of Ash’s children, gets in a terrible accident in Seattle harbor. The accident leads to the discovery of a deep dark secret Ash has been keeping away from his children.

Just when Ash needs her most, Olivia has to be somewhere else. When the couple is finally reunited, a decision hastily made by Ash upsets Olivia and makes her feel betrayed. Olivia is suddenly haunted by her painful past and feels the need to get away.      

This is not just a romantic fiction but a great story of true love. It features realistic and relatable characters who suffer from ‘demons from their past’ but still hold on to the love they have for each other. The most prominent theme of the story is familial love as Ash’s and Olivia’s children blend into one big happy family.

With a steady pace, the story is full of twists and turns as well as shocking surprises. It is an easy read with realistic dialogues and vivid descriptions with love scenes carefully depicted.

However, I had difficulty keeping track of the characters, whose child is who, who is married to whom, who is what and who lives where. It, probably, would have been better if I had read the first two books in the series. Moreover, I felt kind of uneasy reading about not very young people making out. Nevertheless, this is one great book of love and I enjoyed it a lot.

Congratulations to Jennifer Theriot (@JenTheRiot ) on such a great book. Click HERE for more books by the author.


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