May 20, 2016

The Spirit Guide by Elizabeth Davies

The Spirit Guide is a historical fiction written by Elizabeth Davies.

Set in 12th century Britain and told in the first person perspective, the story is about Seren, a 16-year old gentlewoman who has the ability to see and communicate with spirits of dead people. 

As she leaves her home to accompany Lady Matilda de Braose at Hay Castle, Seren meets various people whom she comes to love, to hate and to fear. Among them are Lady Matilda herself, Lady Matilda's most trusted adviser Vaughan fitz Maddock and an unknown knight whom she previously meets in the siege of Painscastle. 

For a paranormal story, this is creepy in an exciting way.  I have read several books with characters who can communicate with spirits but this is the first time I read about someone who guides the spirits to the light, making this story unique for me. 

There are so many things I like about this book. First of which, of course, is the romance part which is at times blissful and at other times painful, exactly how romance is supposed to be. Second is the surprises. They are plenty, making this book very difficult to put down. Finally, the ending is just awesome. It is not what I expected and I love it. 

Moreover, I commend the author for her top-rate descriptions. The settings are vividly described and the characters seem alive I can see them in my mind. 

Though I find the pace a little too slow and the use of language appropriate for the setting, somehow, makes for slow reading, still, it is one amazing read and I recommend it to those who enjoy historical fiction, romance and paranormal. 

Congratulations to Elizabeth Davies (@BethsBooks) on such an amazing book! 

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