July 26, 2018

A Father Offers His Son by Scott LaPierre

The book has nine enlightening chapters that highlight and analyze a very important biblical event; that of Abraham’s offering his son Isaac in the book of Genesis.   

In his careful and thoughtful analysis, the author presents the parallels between Isaac, son of Abraham in the Old Testament and Jesus, the son of God in the New Testament leading to a conclusion that the Old Testament is actually about Jesus and that the offering of Isaac prefigures the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ for the propitiation of our sins. The author examines Genesis 22:1-19 phrase by phrase and creates an inspiring, uplifting, enlightening, hopeful, reassuring and beautifully written book that every Christian should read.

Needless to say I enjoyed this book a lot and I love everything about it. Unlike other religious books, it is an easy read even for laymen. It reminds Christians of the unimaginable magnitude of God’s love for mankind as manifested by Jesus’ sacrifice. It inspires the readers to be the good Christians they should be by emphasizing the importance of submission as exhibited by Isaac and obedience through Abraham’s examples.

Furthermore, the book offers interpretations that even regular Bible readers may find surprising like appearances of God the Son in the Old Testament.

However, though deep and thorough knowledge of the Bible may not be required to appreciate this book, familiarity with famous Bible stories like Jonah and the Great Fish, Ishmael and the Bride of Isaac would make this book more enjoyable to read.

Congratulations to Scott LaPierre (@PastorWCC) on such a marvelous book! For more books by the author, click HERE and to receive an Advance Review Copy of this book, visit this LINK.

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  1. Hi Kimmy,
    Thank you for this wonderful review of A Father Offers His Son. It should be published in the next month or two. Here's the link if you'd like an ARC (advanced reader copy): https://booksprout.co/arc/3774/a-father-offers-his-son-the-true-and-greater-sacrifice-revealed-through-abraham-and-isaac.

    If you read this review will you join me in praying God uses this book to exalt Christ and His sacrifice?