September 16, 2017

The Last Child of Leif by Chris Pridmore

The Last Child of Lief is an exciting paranormal, historical fiction written by Chris Pridmore.

Young Valiant is a prince and heir to the throne of the kingdom of Munich. When he was five years old, his father was murdered and he and his mother, Queen Natasha, together with the queen’s personal bodyguard, Sebastian, fled from the castle.   

Sebastian and Valiant find refuge in a travelling circus owned and run by a kind and generous man, Konrad. There they met new friends with special talents. But they are far from safe. Because it seems like shadows are lurking wherever they go, and they are after Valiant.

This is a fast-paced, suspenseful, and action and adventure-filled book set in the early industrial era. Told, for the most part, in Valiant’s perspective, with occasional third person point of view, the book boasts of exciting chasing and fighting scenes.  Moreover, the author successfully keeps the suspense throughout the book using a tone fitting for the setting for both the narrative and the dialogue. More importantly, however, the book has a set of endearing and admirable characters. First of which is Sebastian, the honorable royal bodyguard who fights fiercely and loves steadfastly. Then there is Konrad, the gentle and accommodating circus owner who treats everyone as family.

Needless to say, I enjoyed this book immensely except for a few noticeable errors (like I used to that, waiving my stick and destroy the whole the building). Furthermore, though I find the ending satisfactory, it doesn’t answer the questions raised in the prologue. Still, this is one great book and I recommend it to readers who enjoy medieval historical fiction.

Congratulations Chris Pridmore (@ChrisPridmore) on such a great book! For updates on the author, click HERE

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