September 28, 2017

2020 by Casey Dorman

2020 is a political thriller written by Casey Dorman.

Luke Evangelista, a non-violent activist and biographer/reporter whose books are banned by the incumbent government for their supposed subversive nature and attack on the president, is on edge. He just meets with Bill Lippmann, a witness in a recent terrorist attack that killed fifty people at the Galaxy Club, and what Bill tells him might incriminate the president for staging a false terrorist attack to heighten his popularity hence increase his chances of being reelected. Now, Bill is dead and so is another witness to the shooting. It is now left to Luke to look for other witnesses and uncover the truth behind the attack which might bring down the president and his authoritarian government.

This is a fast-paced and exciting political thriller that touches a multitude of subjects which include not only tyranny, bigotry, racism, discrimination and betrayal but also pacifism, camaraderie, unity and hope. It boasts of an intriguing and solid plot with equally intriguing subplots made more intense by unexpected twists that keep the suspense at high level. The author creates admirable and endearing characters like Derek Stewart, Wellspring Moon and Judge Eduardo Oreal as well as irritating, outrageous and even loathsome characters like Toby Davis, Barry Hurley and President Fremont Ferris, respectively. Told in casual tone with occasional sarcasm and witty remarks, the story develops smoothly and concludes in a satisfying ending.   

Congratulations to Casey Dorman on such a great book! For more books by the author, click HERE.   

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