December 14, 2016

The General's Legacy by Adrian G. Hilder

TheGeneral’s Legacy, Part 1: Inheritance (The General of Valendo Book 1) is the first installment of The General’s Legacy written by Adrian G. Hilder. The concluding part, Part 2: Whiteland King, will be available in February 2017.

Prince Cory has always looked up to his grandfather, the legendary general and king-consort of the kingdom of Valendo, Garon Allus Artifex-Dendra who, not only regales him with stories of war but also trains him in the art of warfare to be the next general of the Army of Valendo

Shortly after the revered general died, the kingdom was attacked. Despite his rigorous training under his grandfather, Prince Cory was unprepared for and felt inadequate against a dead battle mage and his skeleton army. With his grandfather’s last letter and the old general’s sword in his hand, Prince Cory has to do everything he can and use everything he has to face what was out there and end the war.

This is an exciting story of war and magic with a little bit of romance. The book started with action-packed scenes complete with brave warriors, powerful mages and hideous monsters. Settings were vividly described and dialogues were casually worded making the book easy to read. The romance part was sweet and a good addition to the already charming story.

The author created endearing characters. General Garon was an admirable man, a brilliant leader and a good friend; the Archmage was brave and powerful; while the Silver Warrior was a great and dashing soldier. Prince Pragius was trying to be the responsible heir to the throne by turning his back on what he really was, Prince Sebastian just wanted to pursue his passion while Prince Cory was the young soldier who wanted to follow his heart’s desire but was faced with an adversity much sooner than he expected.

However, the pacing of the story was, somehow, inconsistent. The book began in a fast pace, then slowed down and even dragged at the first few chapters then picked up again. Moreover, there was a character that was simply dropped. Given his ample back story, I expected him to play an important role in the book.

Needless to say I enjoyed reading this book despite the pacing and I recommend it to readers who appreciate stories about war and magic.

Congratulations to Adrian G. Hilder (@AdrianGHilder) on such a great book. you may visit Adrian G Hilder for updates on the author’s works.

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