December 7, 2016

Gun by Lee Hayton

Gun is the first book in Gun Apocalypse Series written by Lee Hayton.

When a neurological virus sends affected people to indiscriminate shooting, it turns them into mass murderers leaving dead bodies in various places like the coffee shop, the mall, the school and even ordinary streets. The city is in chaos and help is, apparently, not coming any time soon.

Annie, Frankie, Becca and Robert are thrown together to fend for themselves in the midst of a dangerous city. Annie fears for her son whom she last sees buckled in the car seat with his father shooting at random people while driving away. Robert sees two teenage girls running from a gunman and Frankie and Becca barely escape the carnage perpetuated by a deranged shooter.

This is a fast-paced, exciting and suspenseful book from start to finish. As soon as the action begins, the suspense doesn’t stop until the last page. The readers are kept hooked by very gradual disclosure of information while giving ample and vivid descriptions of the gruesome situation.

The story is, generally, written in a casual tone and is a fast read. What I like most, however, is the sense of resolve at the end of the book which is usually absent in other book series nowadays. As a mother, I, naturally, relate with Annie though my favorite character is Robert.

I particularly like how the author empowers women in this book. They shoot, they fight, they die while fighting, and most importantly they help each other out. Moreover, I like that the characters do what needs to be done. I find that very practical.

All in all, I like this book and I enjoy reading every page.

Congratulations to Lee Hayton (@kathay1973) on such a great book. Visit Katherine Hayton for more books by the same author.

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