November 2, 2016

Unspeakable Acts by Janet Leigh Green

Unspeakable Acts is Book 1 of the Mc Queen Investigation Series by Janet Leigh Green.

Charlie Love is having trouble in her newly renovated house. It seems like a supernatural being is taking control of her and violating her body. When the situation does not get any better, she asks the help of Doug and Scott Mc Queen. Because of the nature of her predicament, the brothers ask the assistance of their psychic friend Sheila Mathers. Apparently, all of them have no idea about the enormity of what they are up against.

This is a dark and gruesome story that spans more than a century. Told in alternating chapters between the present and the past, the book features evil manifested in the most unspeakable acts like abuse, torture and, ultimately, death.

The book is easy to read with plenty of light and humorous dialogues between characters. Moreover, there is an abundance of scary scenes as well as depictions of appalling and extremely disturbing scenes of abuse. Needless to say, this book is not for the fainthearted, nor for young readers due to a multitude of references to sexual perversion.  

As far as suspense is concerned, this book is a winner. The author is able to keep the story interesting until the end by unfolding the plot little by little and chapter by chapter.

However, I prefer more developed characters. I noticed that there was not any noticeable difference between Doug and Scott, or between Charlie and Sheila. Furthermore, there were issues that were not fully explained and events that were not portrayed in details. In addition, there were too many errors, typographical and grammatical that needed editing.  

Nevertheless, I enjoyed this book more than I hoped I would.

Congratulations to Janet Leigh Green (@Estherhhoward) on such a great read! For updates about this author, click HERE

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