November 21, 2016

The Black Star of Kingston by S. D. Smith

TheBlack Star of Kingston is the prequel to The Green Ember Series written by S. D. Smith.

With his subjects of displaced rabbits from the Golden Coast, King Whitson Mariner settles near the Ayman Lake in the land he calls Natalia. Soon, the small community of rabbits becomes a town the king later names Seddle. King Whitson marries Lord Grant’s daughter Lillie and has a son, Prince Lander.

Meanwhile, the son of a coal miner, Fleck, begins to miss the Golden Coast, the land they leave behind. As he looks at the ominous mountains across the lake, Fleck is compelled to find out what is in those mountains. He strongly feels that there is coal in there, coal the people badly need for the winter. With a strong conviction, Fleck seeks audience with the king to express his desire to cross the lake and find out what lies there.

This is a great, action-filled and suspenseful book not only for children but also for adults who love good adventure stories. The book is about loyalty, bravery, friendship and sacrifice. At the end of the book, I found myself getting emotional over the outcome of the battle.

The author creates admirable characters like the kind King Whitson, the brave Fleck Blackstar and his loyal friends Galt and Burnley and Gavin whose bravery is found to save a life.   

What more, the book is graced with beautiful illustrations by Zach Franzen (@ZacharyFranzen).

Congratulations to S.D. Smith (@SDSmith_) on such an amazing book! Visit S. D. Smith for more books by the same author.