August 13, 2020

Death Donor by Matt Ward

Death Donor is an exciting and suspenseful dystopian, techno-thriller written by Matt Ward.

At a time when the rich can opt to live for as long as they want and the poor sell their organs to feed their family, Samantha Jones, Special Forces veteran, is lucky to be employed as bodyguard by biotech billionaire Ethan Anderson. Anderson is the founder of Defying Death Industries whose vision is to rid the world of death and suffering by harvesting healthy organs from poverty-stricken citizens, who fall in line to sell body parts in order to survive, to improve the health and prolong the lives of wealthy individuals.

Fortunately for Sam, her job with Ethan allows her and her family to live a life that does not require selling vital organs. One night, however, Sam’s daughter is abducted and her body parts are sold. Her husband kills himself shortly after. Shaken by the immeasurable pain of her loss, Sam vows to take them down, all of them, the elites who play god.   

This is a heart-wrenching and thought-provoking story that questions the readers’ own moral values. It highlights the distinction between the lives of the rich and the poor and raises a very important question whether it is justifiable to exact revenge on oblivious individuals just because they are part of a biased system that favors the wealthy. The readers would find themselves rooting for Sam as she hunts down her perceived enemies while asking themselves if she is doing the right thing after all.

In addition to the very interesting plot is the set of well-developed characters. There is Ethan Anderson, the genius who doesn’t understand why other people would choose death when they have an option to live forever. Then, there is Sam who a lot of readers may sympathize with, and finally there is Sen. Schmidt who, I think is the most likable and relatable of all. Though I find some scenes a little too smooth for thriller, I enjoyed them nonetheless and though the ending is less conclusive than I hoped, it’s quite satisfactory.

Congratulations to Matt Ward (@mattwardwrites) on such an enjoyable book! For more books by the author, click HERE.