March 28, 2019

Art of Essential Zen by James Henry

Art of Essential Zen is an informative and helpful book written by James Henry.

The book is for readers who want a life that is full of balance, happiness, and serenity. It has five relatively short chapters that give an overview of the Zen lifestyle, teaches Zen rituals that will help the readers, explains the Art of Awareness, and guides readers on how to find Mindfulness. At the end of the book the readers may expect to learn how to gain self-knowledge and reach self-awareness and to increase concentration and focus. They may also expect help in their personal relationships, emotional stability, and going through moments of intense anger.

This is a very helpful book. In this day and age of haste and clamor, when everything is fast-paced, half-done, and stressful, this book teaches the readers how to find and be in the state of silence through the Zen lifestyle. Zen lifestyle is living in a constant state of peace.

I love everything about this book. It is an easy read and, ultimately, reader-friendly for beginners like myself. Everything is explained in simple and understandable English devoid of technical terms and jargons. The rituals are practicable and easy to follow and the instructions are as simple as they sound in that, they can be easily performed.

Congratulations to James Henry on such a great self-help book! I love it and I intend to continue practicing the Zen lifestyle. I strongly believe that it will help me achieve my goals in life.     

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