August 21, 2018

Interview with Author Victoria Randall

Hello, there! I just want to share another exciting news to all bookworms out there. Ms. Victoria Randall, author of the Children in Hiding Book Series, a suspenseful and exciting dystopian thriller, just released another book last month, The Witchstone.

The Witchstone is an adult dark fairy tale that features an exceptionally beautiful witch and an enigmatic wizard. I have the honor of reading it and featuring it here on this blog.

The Witchstone was actually published in 1974 and though the author made slight revisions, the old and the new versions are essentially the same. What more, Ms. Randall also released TheWizard’s Gift, the backstory that will shed some light on questions readers might have about the stone and how it came to the witch’s possession.

Ms, Randall is also the author of The Golden Helm which I also featured here on this blog.

And now, let us know more about this versatile story teller.

Q. Do you have a special ritual to set yourself in writing mode?

 No, I just snatch moments when I can have relative quiet to think. Between my husband watching Spanish novellas which usually feature screaming or wildly weeping women and my grandson needing help, those moments are rare. Usually they are late at night.

But I keep a pen and notebook at my bedside, because inspiration frequently strikes at night.

Q. When did you realize you wanted to be a book author?

 I don’t describe myself that way. I just enjoy writing books. I needed to make a serious living, and not being Charles Dickens, chose a more secure career in nursing. Besides, you can’t swing a cat without hitting an author, whereas nurses are in demand and useful. If you had stomach pain which would you rather have next door, a writer or a nurse?

Q. How do you come up with names of your characters?

 Sometimes they just appear out of nowhere. Other times I go through lists of baby names.

Q. Do you prepare and follow an outline?

 Absolutely. Every time I try to pants it, I end up with pages of stuff that go nowhere. At least I need to know how it ends. I usually read the end of books also, because I like to be prepared if it’s going to end tragically.

Q. Do you ever consider co-writing a book? If yes, with whom?

 I’m afraid not. I know few other authors in person, and those I know don’t write scifi or fantasy.

Q. What is the best thing about being a writer?

  An occasional fan letter is nice. But I enjoy the process and the challenge of exploring ideas and worlds in succinct yet evocative ways.

Q. As a book author yourself, do you have a book that you consider your favorite. If yes, what is it?

A. My favorite books are Charles Williams’ spiritual thrillers, and the best of those is The Place of the Lion. Although his style is obscure at times, he manages to combine exciting adventures, such as dealing with an escaped lion, with supernatural elements such as Plato’s Ideas being real creatures.

Q. What are your purposes in writing books?

A. My purposes are first, to entertain, second to present a Christian worldview in well-written fiction. I try not to be in-the-reader’s-face about it, but it’s just there in the background and the assumptions.

Q. How do you get over writer’s block?

A. I haven’t really had the problem of writer’s block. If I know where the story is going, I start writing it. It will often be clumsy and incoherent at first, but you can always go back and revise. In fact, you must go back and revise, but at least you can see in what direction you’re heading.

Q. If The Witchstone is ever turned into a movie, who would you like to play Sibele and Fenrulf?

A. Strangely enough when it first came out, there was talk that Warner Bros was interested in the film rights. I wasn’t enthusiastic, because I was afraid they might make a horror film out of it because of all the dark elements in it. But if it were, I think David Giuntoli, from Grimm, would make a good Fenrulf, and Scarlett Johansson a lovely Sibele. It won’t happen, but what fun to fantasize!

That was great! Yes, and it's not only so much fun to fantasize it is also absolutely free!

Thank you very much Ms. Victoria Randall (@Entlover27)! I’m looking forward to reading more of your books.

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  1. Thank you, Kimmy, for the opportunity to chat about my writing process. It was fun!