May 24, 2018

Hell Holes by Donald Firesmith

Hell Holes: WhatLurks Below is a paranormal novel and is the first in the two-book Hell Holes Book Series written by Donald Firesmith.

When giant holes appear overnight along the North Slope near the Arctic Circle, Kevin Kowalski, a representative of an oil company calls geology professor from University of Alaska Fairbanks Jack Oswald to fly over and investigate. Naturally, the oil company wants Jack to find out what’s causing the formation of holes and the likelihood that another one may open up under the pipeline, in which case, the company would face financial and environmental disaster.

Right away, Jacks picks his wife and colleague, Dr. Angela Menendez, a climatologist, to come with him as well as two of his graduate students, newly- weds Mark and Jill Starr. As they are preparing for their trip to the North Slope, a mesmerizingly beautiful photo-journalist, Aileen O-Shannon, invites herself and appoints herself as the fifth member of the team.

Upon their arrival, they are met by Kevin Kowalski himself and Bill Henderson, a wildlife biologist whose job is to watch over their backs and protect them from wild animals that might interfere with their research. However, no amount of planning or safety measures would prepare them for what lurks below.

With a consistently fast pacing, the book is told in the first person perspective of Professor Jack Oswald. It is intriguing and suspenseful and as soon as the action began, it didn’t stop until the last page of the book. Quite unpredictable and with surprising revelations, this book is perfect for paranormal, suspense and horror fans.

However, it seems like the author focuses more on the plot and the scene descriptions leaving the characters a little under-developed that short back stories wouldn’t hurt. Moreover, there are some noticeable errors within the entire book (like neckless instead of necklace).

Congratulations to Donald Firesmith (@DonFiresmith) on such an enjoyable book! For more books by the author, click HERE.

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