April 30, 2018

Patrick Kearney by Jack Rosewood

Patrick Kearney: The True Story of the Freeway Killer is Book 18 of TrueCrime by Evil Killers book series by bestselling true crime author Jack Rosewood.

Patrick Kearney was a smart albeit sickly and small kid as he was growing up in Los Angeles. His short stature put him on the receiving end of insults and mockery and made him an easy target for bullies. Even then, Patrick fantasized of various ways to commit murder.

So, with his innocent and nerdy looks, Patrick lured unsuspecting boys and young men, killed them, raped them, dismembered them and disposed them in industrial-sized garbage bags.

This is an informative book about a prolific serial killer that spread terror and inspired fear in the hearts of Californians in the 70s. The book is not only coherent but also told in detached manner and sounds quite objective. The descriptions of the crime are remarkably detailed without being graphic but vivid enough to evoke empathy for the victims of the horrendous crimes.

What I find most important in this book is the depiction of the effects of bullying. If the book is to be believed, Patrick’s urge to kill, rape and dispose of his victims was his way of exacting revenge on those people who bullied him as a child. Though not all bullied children turned out to be serial killers when they grew up, Patrick Kearney’s life might have turned out differently if he wasn’t bullied.

If there’s something to like in Patrick Kearney’s story, that would be his sincere love for his partner David Hill evident in Patrick’s taking sole responsibility for the murders vindicating David of any participation in the crimes.

Except for a few noticeable errors, this is a great book perfect for fans of true crime stories. Congratulations to Jack Rosewood on an enjoyable book! For more books by the author, click HERE.

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