July 4, 2017

10 Step Plan to Promote Your Book by Scott Hughes

10 Step Plan to Promote Your Book: Online Book Marketing on Any Budget is a practical and helpful reading material written by Scott Hughes.

In this very short book, Online Book Club Webmaster Scott Hughes shares 10 very helpful steps on how to promote your self-published book. As a newly self-published author myself, I find the tips practicable (except for #9 because book clubs are not so common in my country) and practical (in the case of #10).

The book is written in a casual tone complete with colorful language making it amusing and entertaining on top of being helpful. Explanation of each step is concise and direct to the point which makes the book very substantial. Most importantly, the steps are easy to follow if you have the passion and the dedication it takes to make your book a success.

Congratulations to Scott Hughes (@scottmhughes) on such a helpful book. Thank you for sharing it with us. For more books by the author, click HERE

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