The Aspiring Wordsmith is a book blog authored by book reviewer and book author KS Agustin (kimmyschemy). The purpose of this blog is to help independent authors promote their books by publishing objective and honest reviews.

The Aspiring Wordsmith accepts books under the following genres: historical fiction, science fiction, thriller, memoir, political thrillers, techno thrillers, YA fiction, Christian fiction, fantasy, children’sbooks, collection of short stories/flash fiction, crime, mystery, novella and romance (YA/Adult) and reserves the right to reject books beyond the author’s skills, interest and personal preferences such as cook books, musical textbooks, medical books, law books, etc. Non-fiction and erotic fiction may be accepted upon consideration.

The Aspiring Wordsmith does not, in any way, promise a positive review to generate sales for the book nor does it offer editing services, instead, it offers objective and honest reviews and promotion by posting reviews on Amazon and Goodreads and sharing the blog review link on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

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