January 21, 2016

Bonding Time All the Time

Last Christmas was one of the happiest my family ever celebrated. My husband who has been working abroad for 6 years now has finally managed to come home for the holidays. You can imagine how elated my kids were when they found out their father was going to celebrate Christmas with us.

Ours is a close-knit family. Our bonding time is all the time. We watch movie together. We go to the mall together. We do a lot of things together. We talk after dinner. We talk before going to sleep. We talk even in the middle of a movie. We talk about the books we read, movies we watched, places we've been, and people we met. We prefer each other's company over other people's . My grown-up kids (21, 15 and 13 years of age) seek my company and I always find time for them. It helps that I am a stay-at-home thus a hands-on mom. 

Last holiday season was celebrated with our extended family in the province. It was a lovely and memorable time. Hopefully, next year will be just as happy, or, if possible, even happier. Maybe if life gets a little better this year we can go out of the country for a vacation. Recently, I heard about a project that HomeAway, a vacation rental company, was running about the importance of quality time with your family and I suddenly thought it would be perfect for us. That could be totally and absolutely wonderful! I know that someday my children will have families of their own. They may still want to celebrate the holidays with us or they may not. Right now, I'm just happy that they seem to want to spend as much time with me as I with them.

January 3, 2016

Achieve Your Dreams by Scott Hughes

This is one great eye-opening reading material. For a very short book, it made me feel various sorts of, well.. emotions. First, I felt guilty. I felt guilty for setting aside my dream, for going for what's conventional and for what, I thought, was safe. Second, I realized how afraid I have been. I was afraid to fail if I follow my dream, then I felt afraid to try to follow my dream, eventually I felt afraid to dream at all. Finally, near the end of the book, I felt emboldened. I may have gotten old but I can still dream and I can still work hard to make that dream come true.

Thank you so much Scott Hughes () for such an amazing book! I wish you luck on your book and I wish others will read it, too. 

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