June 23, 2017

The Old Guitar and Other Stories by KS Agustin

The Old Guitar and Other Stories by KS Agustin is a collection of fifty short but poignant, endearing, and didactic works of flash fiction that will make you ponder and contemplate on life.

The Old Guitar” is about a young man who left his wealthy family to live the life of a simple musician.

“The Toymaker” features a rich businessman who ran away from home to follow through on his passion.  

“The Piece of Plank” tells about a mysterious object that is believed to be miraculous and can grant wishes.

“The Mighty Hunter and the Skinny Old Man” is a story of a legendary giant of a hunter with unimaginable strength and whose legend grows after each telling.

“The Picnic” presents a seemingly ordinary but cryptic summons from the generous but mysterious owner of a successful company.

Love, passion, kindness, loyalty, and faith are among the numerous themes in this entertaining, touching, and memorable collection of flash fiction.   
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