April 11, 2016

3 Amazing Books I Read in March 2016

1. Reflection of Innocence by John Tolliver

John Calabrace has a very special gift. He can see the memories of anybody who touches him. This gift, however, makes it difficult for him to enter into a relationship with anybody. Consequently, he grows up distant. In order to avoid an old nemesis, John signs up as a submariner. Eventually, his gift proves to be useful not to himself but to the country.

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2. The Knights of Nevertheless: Escape from the Shadows by R.A. Mc Clure

Ava and her sons, Stranth and Onar, are trying to escape the dark kingdom of Terra Dombren. They are guided by Archer, a guardian of the Seekers, to the Great Wall of Fire which divides Terra Dombren from the peaceful land of Menetoy. With the evil warlord hunting them, getting to the Wall proved to be extremely difficult. 

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3. Wilkes: The Awakening by J.A. Harris

Damian wakes up with no memory of who he is. Not only that, his acquaintances notice something different about him. It seems like Damian changed from being a hopeless bum into a polite and impeccably manner man overnight. 

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  1. Imagine waking up with no memory of who you are. Sounds like an intriguing premise. Thanks for the heads-up on these books. :)