March 24, 2016

3 Great Books I Read in February 2016

1. The Blogger by James Raven

Daniel Price is a popular online activist with 8 million followers on Twitter, half a million fans on Facebook and 10 million views a month for his People Power Blog. Shortly after a successful protest ignited by his online campaign which led to the resignation of 4 ministers, Daniel dropped dead from the balcony of his apartment building and a suicide note was found on his bed. 

Click HERE for the complete review of The Blogger.

2. Blinders by Michael Amon

For a young and naive boy from Omaha, Bobby has an uncanny ability for blind tasting, that is the ability to identify wine, the grape, the year it was made, where and who made it, simply  by tasting it. When he came across Trilby, a former champion blinder, Bobby's life was changed.

Click HERE for the complete review of Blinders.

3. Blood Thief by James Holmes

After a year of working as a prostitute in the Painted Lady, Selina Vandervord discovered that she was gifted with the ability to vanish and conjure up things. When she met Lucian, Selina learned that there are other gifted people like her. They are the enchanted. Along with this, however, is another discovery of a monster hunting down the enchanted for their gifts. 

Click HERE for the complete review of Blood Thief

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