July 8, 2015

When Water Gets Thicker Than Blood

Fernan* is the youngest of 8 children. Their father was an austere and tough man who believed everything could be settled by fist fights. Uneducated but hardworking, the old man did not send all his children to college and none except the one who supported herself for a higher education made it through tertiary level.
When the old man got too old to work in the fields, his children began to fight among themselves over the big parcel of land their father has accumulated through hard work. So, the old man decided to divide the land. As soon as he got his part, each sibling turned his back on his family and went on with his own life, including Fernan.
All of them did well except for Berto* who happened to be a little sickly and therefore physically weak. When problem arises, Berto would try to ask help from his siblings who were willing to help him out as long as he would give them back whatever he borrowed. Berto tried, but somehow he failed to pay his siblings back so they turned their backs on him.
Then, a few years back, Fernan got sick. He needed an operation but he didn't have enough cash. He approached his much wealthier siblings who were willing to lend him money IF he would give his land as collateral for the loan. Fernan had no choice but to accept his siblings' condition. He needed to get well so that he could support his family.
That was a few years ago. Fernan is now completely recovered from his illness but his land is lost altogether to his siblings who are now enjoying the fruits of their brother's land.
I don't know but there is something sad about this. And the worst part? They are my distant relatives.
*not real name

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