July 9, 2015

The Most Assuming Guy.. EVER!

We’ve been living in our subdivision for exactly 11 years now. We moved her on February 2003. So, not surprisingly we have numerous acquaintances as is common in an ordinary community.
Among our ‘nickname-basis’ acquaintances is Don*.Well, as far as I know, Don is known around the subdivision because he is a tricycle driver, so, chances are, most of the residents know him by face.
But one thing I noticed about Don is that, he is very friendly and he assumes that he is close to everyone, especially girls. He has a habit of greeting someone and talking to her as if they are grade school classmates that sort of thing.
I also learned from others that he has a habit of hugging a ‘friend’ as he greets her with overly enthusiastic and exaggeratedly cordial '’Friend!!” which is how he calls everyone.
But on New Year’s Day, as he was waiting for passengers outside the church, he actually saw an acquaintance and as is his habit, he approached and hugged the ‘friend’ in his usual sunshiny tone. But the warmth in his voice was stopped short by the icy palm of his friend on his face. He was, in short, well.. slapped.
He immediately got on his tricycle on drove home. He never showed up for the rest of the day.
Well.. Isn’t he assuming or what?
*not real name

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