July 12, 2015

The Jerk at the Terminal

My friend is a tricycle driver. Though he loves being a driver, he wouldn’t do it if he has a choice. I understand him, of course. Being a tricycle driver is difficult. It is tiring, it feels hot, it feels cold, it can be dangerous and a lot more. But then again, if you have no choice, then, just accept being a driver and be a good one.
So, my friend got irked when another driver approached him asking if he has smaller bills for a one hundred pesos. He said he had and handed the driver one fifty peso bill, two twenty peso bill and a ten peso coin. The driver took the money and left..
He didn’t come back.. at all. He took the money with him but didn’t give my friend back the one hundred peso bill. My friend waited. He waited until noon, then afternoon, then evening, but no… the driver just simply forgot to give him back his one hundred pesos.
Knowing how my friend worked for that money, I felt bad for him. But I also know that it wasn’t actually the money that irked him a lot, it was the attempt to outsmart him. It was the conscious effort to make a fool out of him. It was the malicious intent to rob him of his hard earned money.
Well, what can I say but there are a lot of jerks in the neighborhood..

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