July 16, 2015

My Childhood Games

I grew up in the province during the 80s. In those days, computers were unheard of yet. There were no gadgets except for Game N Watch which only the rich families could afford. There was no cell phone either, and even land line phones were scarce and only installed in the city which was an hour drive from our town.
So, what games did we play back then? Well, plenty! And absolutely much more enjoyable than the computer games kids play these days.
For girls, we played piko (hopscotch) on the street, we made mud pies and clay pots, Chinese gartersjump ropes and foot jump.
While for boys they played mostly black one-two-three which is simply running around and chasing each other, touching ballluksong bakabaseball and other ball games.
For both boys and girl, we play sipapatinterohide-and-seekluksong tinik, syetong, 7-uptouch the color, tug-of-war, and a lot lot more.
We may not have computertabletDSPSPcell phone or whatever gadgets kids have today, but our childhoods were more memorable and I, for one, wouldn’t exchange mine for any piece of technological innovation.

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