July 2, 2015

Money-Loving People

I like money. Who doesn’t?
But I like it for the things it could buy and for the services it could provide for me and not for what it actually is, pieces of colored paper with the presidents’ faces on them. So, when I met people who love money for the sheer idea of money, I was.. amused?
When I have money, the first thing I usually buy is.. food. I would treat myself to a nice diner and eat. Then, when I’m stuffed, I go to bookstores, preferably one that sells second hand because they are cheaper. I would buy something to read that is good for a month or so. Then, when I still have time, I would go to the department store and shop for clothes, shoes and bags. I usually go home empty-handed. I don’t buy, I just look. Or when I do buy, I usually hunt for the cheapest of all.
Then I met Sophie and Andrea. They are the most hard working people I know. They get up at the break of dawn and go to bed as late as they could. With such unmatchable dedication to work, I wouldn’t be surprised if I find their houses overflowing with stuff they buy for themselves.
They didn’t have any. Sophie doesn’t even have a decent television set. She works like crazy but doesn’t buy anything for herself or for her family. When I ask her what she does with the money she earns, she says she counts them every day. The same goes with Andrea. They work because they love the sight and the feel of money in their hands.
Well.. what do I have to say about that? That’s… individual differences.

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