July 11, 2015

Life Isn't Easy

Arman* and Julia* had been married for nearly 20 years. Without tertiary education, it had been difficult for both of them to get a job. Eventually, Arman found work as a porter in a wet market. Julia, however, didn’t find any, which was for the better as she had to stay home to take care of the kids.
Things seem to be going well. But then, Arman developed an ugly vice, drinking. Half of what he earned went to the bottle. Moreover, Julia developed an even uglier vice, card betting, and that in addition to the expanding family.
A few years after the birth of their 6th child, Arman got sick. He got it from too much alcohol. Julia was too distracted to find work. Then, she became pregnant for their 7th child.
What to do?
The family had to interfere. Arman’s parents helped him to get proper medication. And when the baby came out, the family decided to put the child up for adoption. With Arman under medication and Julia out of focus, the family sought for a distant relative who, they believe, would take care of the baby as if it were his own. Fortunately, they found one. He was a cousin who wasn’t blessed with a child of his own. He and his wife took the baby in.
That was 2 years ago. The baby has grown up to be a healthy child. Arman has gotten well and is now back to work. I just hope that Julia would get cured of her card betting and start thinking of her family.
*not real name

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