July 10, 2015

Don't EVER Drink and Drive

Last Christmas, my friend had the traditional drinking session with his buddies back home. Naturally, they got drunk. One of his drinking buddies tried to borrow my friend's motorcycle but since they were all drunk, he refused.
The night wore on and my friend got so drunk he fell asleep. He woke up late in the afternoon with a splitting headache. But there was worse than his throbbing temple. His motorcycle was gone and so was his key.
He was gripped with fear, and in his mind he begged the Lord not to let whatever was in his mind happen. But the arrival of a grim-faced friend was almost a confirmation.
As my friend feared, his drinking buddy stole his key from his pocket, rode his motorcycle and crashed against a checkpoint. He was taken to the nearest hospital but was transferred to another, bigger one because of the severity of his injuries. The motorcycle was a total wreck.
Though I am thankful that it wasn't my friend who had an accident I felt sad and bad for his drinking buddy. He should've known better than to drink and drive..

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