July 5, 2015

Accident or Negligence

This happened last year. I decided not to post about it because it made me feel very sad but for some reasons I feel I should, at least to warn other people about it.
Back in our province, washing clothes in the river is still done. One day, this young mother brought her laundry in the river. Since she had no one to leave her son with, she brought him with her. While she was doing the laundry, the boy was playing around, running by the riverbank, picking up pebbles and splashing water.
The mother probably got too busy she didn’t notice that her little boy was no longer around. She waited for a while hoping that he would come running back from his hiding place, but he didn’t, so she started looking for him.
She found his lifeless body several meters from where she was washing. It seems that he slipped on a mossy rock, fell and drowned in the knee-deep water.
If only she found him sooner.. But nobody knows, right?

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