July 7, 2015

A Little Bit of Tact

I know several people who have issues concerning tact. I, myself, have problems controlling what comes out of my mouth every now and then. But compared when I was in my 20s, I think longer now before I talk which saves me a lot of embarrassing situations.
So, when I heard about Mr. Naga*, an old and stern preacher, I felt vindicated(?) well, better off. Mr. Naga is a severe and very outspoken preacher who felt it his Christian duty to remind each and every one of his or her fault, IN PUBLIC.
It was for this reason that my cousin, Rica* started to miss masses. She felt that he was picking on her. Then, Rica started having marital problems which led to a painful separation and which was aggravated by her miscarriage. Rica nursed her bruised and bleeding heart by refraining to talk about it with anyone except her family.
Then one day, Mr. Naga came and asked about her condition. It seems a very sweet and humane gesture.. at first. Because before he left, Mr.Naga said that Rica’s separation from her husband and her miscarriage were punishment for all her sins.
Rica hasn’t set her foot on the church again until now.
 *not real name

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