June 18, 2015

Will Love Keep Them Alive?

Rose* is only 26 years old. I assume she was very young when she got married to my cousin Bert* because her eldest daughter is of the same age as my daughter, Mika. Her husband doesn’t have a stable job and Rose gave birth to their  youngest child, a boy, about 3 years ago. They already had 4 kids.
Late last week, I met with Rose. I found out that she was pregnant, again, to their 5th child. I was.. stunned. With my cousin jobless and Rose stay-at-home mom, how are they going to feed their 4 kids plus a baby? Obviously, they weren’t as worried as I was otherwise, Rose wouldn’t be pregnant right now.
Or maybe I was just overreacting. Maybe since I settled for just 3 kids I thought that other couples should do the same. Then, I asked Rose about her husband and she said he’s just the same which, I assume, means he still doesn’t have a stable job and he just drives a pedicab when someone lends him one. How often that happens, I have no idea.
I don’t judge them, nor discriminate them. I’m probably just an obsessive worry wart who thinks too much. But sometimes I wish they would think, too, not necessarily for themselves but for the future of their children.
*not real names

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