June 28, 2015

The Renewal Applicant

For a few years now, renewal of driver’s license here in the Philippines has required a drug test to ensure the safety of both drivers and passengers. It was sad, though, that many of the applicants had failed this important test.
Alvin* was known to be a drug user. He wouldn’t admit it but for some unexplainable reasons, we just couldn’t believe that he is actually cleared of it. So, when he applied for the renewal of his driver’s license, we waited, I must say, skeptically. We weren’t surprised when we learned that he failed. It was, for us, an affirmation of his guilt. He indeed, is, a drug user.
But his cousin, Albert* contradicted our conclusion. He didn’t show up positive for drugs. What actually showed was that he was positive, as in PREGNANT.
How could that be? Well, it seems like he submitted his wife’s urine sample instead of his. On the lighter note, we congratulated him for the new baby.. :D

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