June 12, 2015

The Real Victim in a 'Third Party' Issue Part 2

A man who has another woman is always the object of contempt among girls. He is a jerk and he deserves to suffer the most painful of all pains. He should be left alone, unloved and unwanted and all the painful things we could think of.
But… Are they all like that?
In the case of Glenda* and Ruben*, I couldn’t help feeling sorry for Ruben. He didn’t want to mess up his family. All he ever wanted was a peaceful life, a stable job, a loving wife and wonderful children. But by some twist of fate, the very thing that he wanted more than anything else, is something that is very difficult to get, no matter how simple and common it may be.
He was content with what he had. He was happy with what he did, working hard to provide for his family. Who would ever guess that he would meet a very special woman, sweet, funny, and very nice to be with. He didn’t want to be disloyal, he didn’t want to be unfaithful. He tried to stay away while he could, but fate sometimes plays practical jokes on us but instead of laughing, we end up bleeding.
Ruben fell in love with Glenda, the kind of love that tends to be protective and nurturing. He wanted what’s best for her even if it means losing her in the long run. He was willing to suffer in silence and let go if it would mean she would be happy. He wanted her to find the very thing that he could not give her, marriage.
He didn’t mean it. In fact, he didn’t want it to happen. But it did. And even he had no power to change how he felt. He loved Glenda and it hurt him more than he could admit that she became a victim to such a complicated situation where she would be at the losing end eventually.
People view him as a heartless and unfaithful jerk. Nobody would even consider that he is a victim just as well…
*not real names

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