June 9, 2015

The Real Victim in a 'Third Party' Issue

My friend, Glenda* is single. She is pretty and smart and she works as a beauty consultant in a health and beauty shop. So, other people have been wondering why she isn’t married yet. Only very few of us know that she is actually involved with a married man, Ruben*.
Sad. That was the very first thing that came to my mind. And I understand why Glenda is keeping it a secret. Nobody likes the other woman, she is a home-wrecker, a serpent, a hateful creature and she deserves contempt. But Glenda is not like that at all. She is kind and sweet and compassionate. Her only mistake is falling in love with the wrong guy, or is he really wrong?
According to Glenda, Ruben is a kind and sweet man. He loves his family so much. He respects his wife and he adores his children. He didn’t intend to fall in love with Glenda, he just DID. He even requested to be transferred to another branch of the shop in order to avoid Glenda. But fate has a way of getting people together.
One day, he saw Glenda having a hard time getting a ride home. She looked tired and haggard and it was obvious that she was dying to get home. He offered her a ride on his motorcycle. But while on their way, it rained hard. They ended up in a private room.
Glenda believes that Ruben really loves her. He never forced her to do anything for him, nor take advantage of her in any way. Whatever happens to them is a mutual decision. Glenda never asked anything from Ruben, money, time, or even loyalty. She knows how much he loves his family and she is happy with what little time he can give her. She never asked him to leave his family so they could live together. She loves Ruben unconditionally and what is important to him is just as important to her.
How can we hate such a person?
*not real name

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