June 25, 2015

The Pee Problem

How long can you hold your pee? My friend May* attended a birthday party. She drank a few bottles of beer then bid the celebrant goodbye after staying for a few hours.
While riding a jeepney home, she felt an urge to pee but found no place to relieve herself. So, she held her pee for as long as she could until she finally saw the gate to their subdivision. As the jeep entered the gate, May couldn't hold her pee any longer and decided to just.. let it go, and she did. She peed on her panties and pants inside the public transportation. Good thing it was already dark, the other passengers didn't see the fluid flowing out of her pants.
May felt so good letting her pee go that even when the jeep was about to pass by their house, she couldn't bring herself to stop it. Only when her bladder was empty did she finally stopped the jeep, got off and walked back to their house with a relieved and complacent grin plastered on her face.
 *not real name

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