June 30, 2015

The Good Son

Randy* is a smart boy. He graduated valedictorian both in grade school and high school. Needless to say, friends and relatives have been expecting so much from him.
He took up Architecture and did well in his first year. In his second year, however, he got sick. He missed so many of his lessons that he finally dropped out. He was hoping to reenroll the following year but his father had a stroke and was paralyzed.
When his father was brought home from the hospital, Randy took care of him for the next 13 long years until the old man died.
Old, bony but unbeaten, Randy accepted his siblings’ offer to send him to school. Having completely lost his momentum and interest in Architecture, Randy took up Education and after five years he received his college diploma. He took the board examination and passed making him a licensed teacher.
He’s been teaching in a public school for several years now and has earned the respect of his friends, relatives, colleagues and students. He’s one of the most remarkable people I’ve known in my entire life.
Salute to you, Randy!
*not real name

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