June 24, 2015

She's Losing It

My friend, Janine* had had a problem with her husband for a very long time. She believes that he has another woman and even though he keeps denying it, even we, can feel that Janine's suspicions are true. In view of that, the soundest advice I could give her was to either accept the situation and endure the pain of having to share her husband or get out of it and suffer the consequences of a broken marriage.
She chose to keep her marriage. But when his husband, who keeps denying having an affair, started to ignore her, she began to entertain text mates. It seems harmless at first, until she told me that she went out with her textmate, who, I learned was a personal acquaintance of their family, and DID IT. I wanted to berate her but I was wise enough to keep my mouth shut. After all, we're of the same age. She knew what she was doing when she did it. Still, I warned her. It was the least I could do.
Months went by and her relationship with her husband did not improve. She and her kids already moved out of the house and stayed with her mother. But there was still no formal split up because her husband still denied his affair though a lot of people claimed seeing them together.
Then, one day, a guy we knew from our past came and expressed his undying love to Janine. It seems like he's been in love with my friend forever but wasn't given any chance to tell her and so married someone else, but is now separated from his wife. Now that he found Janine again, he considers it the works of fate and that they were meant for each other. So, he courted Janine the most romantic and traditional way and made her feel so special, then went back abroad where he works.
Even from out of the country, the guy continued to court Janine. But based on what I hear from my friend, she wasn't ready to have an affair with him and my conclusion was that she really didn't like him though she likes what he did for her and how he made her feel.
Then, two months ago the guy came home from abroad and wished to see Janine. She went out to meet him and DID IT despite the fact that she doesn't like him.
I have no right to judge my friend or anyone. The least I could do is give advice when it is asked. I told her to keep it together because I feel that she's losing it.
 My friend needs help but she wouldn't listen to me or to anyone else. I can only pray that she find peace and learn to accept life the way it is..
*not real name

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