June 21, 2015

How Common is Miscommunication?

According to love veterans, one of the most common reasons why relationships don’t work out is miscommunication. Couples don’t talk the way they should. Apparently, women usually don’t say what they mean and they don’t mean what they say. They say something when they actually mean another. They usually assume that the guys know, or rather guys should know. Whoever gave them the idea to assume that guys know what they want, well.. I don’t know.
As for guys, most of them hate, and consequently, avoid confrontation. They would rather give in to the girls’ whims than to explain things they think they don’t need to and end up feeling miserable, example of which is accompanying the girls when shopping. Moreover, they would rather keep something hidden than to go through the complicated task of explaining to the girls, example would be talking with an ex even when the meeting was accidental.
Going back to the girls, the problems with them sometimes is that they don’t believe the guys. They want to desperately, but for some reasons they usually end up not believing them anyway. And for the the boys, they believe everything. So, when the girls say ‘I’m fine’ they are ok with that. After all, that’s what the girls say and they can’t see any reason why they shouldn’t believe them.
Well, in this case, I would say it’s not miscommunication, it’s failing to acknowledge the nature of the opposite sex :D

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