June 6, 2015

A Farting Incident

          Kristoff: .. what if you hate the way he picks his nose?
          Anna: .. picks his nose???
          Kristoff: … and eats it.
Well, that’s one of the most popular exchanges between Anna and Kristoff from the animated film Frozen. You may agree with me if I say I found it funny.
But seriously, are we really willing to accept the worst in the person we love?
Twenty years ago, a friend of mine had a very kind and loving boyfriend. In addition to that, he was also smart and talented. As for the looks department, though he wasn’t exactly handsome, he didn’t look bad either. But I guess the thing that my friend really liked about him was his being thoughtful and kind plus the fact that he was very much in love with her.
And that love was put to the test sooner than we expected.
They attended the wedding of one of her close friends. One thing I could say about my friend is that she has a healthy appetite. So, she ate and ate.. and ate. With the amount of food she ingested, it wasn’t at all surprising that she suddenly felt her stomach aching. Though she didn’t feel that she had to go to the bathroom, she felt the urgent and great need to pass some.. gas.
She looked for the bathroom, but the line was impossibly long. She needed to get away before she embarrassed herself. She walked away as fast as she could without any idea where she was going. Then, she saw her boyfriend inside a telephone booth and an idea dawned on her.
She went inside the booth catching her boyfriend by surprise. In her most serious voice, she asked him..
Do you really love me?’
Her boyfriend was so stunned he could just nod.
Do you really, really, truly love me?’
This time, her boyfriend got very very curious..
Yes.. but.. what is this all about?’
My friend hugged her boyfriend and passed the loudest and most foul smelling fart in her whole life.
Well.. they didn’t break up that time. They did, though, after two years, and it had nothing to do with the, well.. the above mentioned farting incident. :D

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