May 30, 2015

When It Stopped Being Family

Mylene* is a widow. Her husband was murdered several years ago leaving her with three small boys to raise. As is tradition to us, Filipinos, she left her children to her older sister, who has a family of her own, while she worked abroad.
For years, she's been sending monthly allowance to her children. The entire time she was working abroad, she came home only once leaving her children under the absolute care of her sister and her family.
Last week, Mylene came home. She had with her a new nanny for her children and accused her sister of squandering the money she sent from abroad, the money that was supposed to be for her children. She asked her sister to pay her back all the money she sent her.
Mylene ranted on how her sister maltreated her children and how her sister's family benefited from the money she sent. Rumors had it that she ordered her sister and her family out of the house she was renting for her children.
I've known Mylene all my life. I know that she has a tendency to overreact and to be tactless most of the time, but to accuse her sister of all the things she said when all these years it was her sister who has been taking care of her kids, was for me a very sad thing :(
I don't know the whole story and I'm not sure if I'd want to know. All I know is that they are family, always were and always will be. I sincerely wish they settle whatever differences they have before that family falls apart altogether..
*not real name

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