May 31, 2015

What Would Push Someone to Walk Away?

Last week, my friend, Jamie* sent me a private message on Facebook telling me she has a problem. Though I already have an idea what her problem was, I still had to confirm it. And I was right, sadly. She walked out on her husband.
Why? How could a woman leave her husband of 20+ years and 6 children. There was only one explanation I had in mind. She was pushed to leave.
I guessed it right.
That night, my friend came over. When I asked her what happened, she said she couldn’t recall everything. She just remembered changing her shirt, grabbing her wallet and walking out the door without turning back. When I asked her about her children, she said she couldn’t take them with her.
Twenty and more years ago, Jamie met the man of her dreams, though she didn’t know it at the time. Unaware of what she really felt for the guy, she was shaken when she learned that the guy got his girlfriend pregnant and married her. Jamie was devastated. She lost her friend, her mentor and the guy she deeply loved.
She turned to the easiest and most inviting of ways, self destruction. She entered into a relationship in an attempt to mend her broken heart. Naturally, it didn’t work. It was then she met Alex. He got her pregnant so they got married.
But if Jamie thought she was settling down for good, she was wrong. Alex was a suspicious, spineless and slothful creature who wouldn’t work and wouldn’t let his wife work because she might flirt with another man. But the bills were piling and the kids were growing fast. So, Jamie had to push Alex to work and so he did, but what he earned was not enough for their growing family. So, finally, he let Jamie work. But with his constant nagging, Jamie had to stop working and with what very little Alex was making, Jamie was soon deep in depth. And to top it all off, Alex, sick and tired of Jamie’s complaints started to raise his hands on her.
Overwhelmed with physical, financial and emotional problems, Jamie sought for a diversion and found one in Dino*. The relationship which started in Facebook eventually became physical. But it seems like Jamie is unlucky in love, Dino turned out to be a jerk. So, Jamie had to put an end to the relationship.
Unfortunately, a year after Jamie’s clandestine affair had ended, Alex found out about it. Jamie was caught and she had no choice but to admit her sin. Things got from bad to worse. The beating became more often and Jamie started to fear for her life. And even though Alex forgave his wife for her infidelity, could not forget what she did and he brings out the issue every single chance he gets.
Then, that night, Alex, out of the blue, announced to their children that he had something important to say. Then, to Jamie, he said that he would file an adultery case against her so that everybody would know, especially their children, what kind of whore she was.
Jamie didn’t know how she could face her children when that happens. She picked up her wallet from the table and walked out of the house..
Sad. Isn’t it?
*not real name

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