May 28, 2015

What Else is Lacking?

Gina* and Miko* met in college. They were classmates and they became sweethearts in no time. For years they were a happy couple until Gina got pregnant. Just so people wouldn't say that they got married only because of the baby, they didn't. Their daughter was already three years old when they finally settled down.
So, Gina became the mistress of the house, a role she played very well and very successfully. Though waited on by house maids, Gina personally supervises everything, from the food to prepare to Miko's suits. Even the schedule of regular car wash was managed by Gina. She was a hands on mother to their daughter helped only by the live-in sitter especially when she was out with Miko or busy preparing a party for Miko's friends.
Moreover, she didn't neglect her looks. She worked out and stayed slim and had a regular appointment with the derma and the hairdresser. She always made sure to look her best for Miko.
So, when Miko left her for another woman, we couldn't think of anything to say to comfort her and make her feel better. Because even we didn't know what else was wrong and lacking. And now that marriage is already annulled, we all wish the best for Gina.
*not real name

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