May 3, 2015

Unreasonable and Unnecessary

About 20 years ago I met an extremely shy guy in our town, Lando*. He didn’t look bad actually. He was dark and tall and with a body of a farmer, muscled. Except for being unreasonably shy, I could say he was one OK guy.
One day while Lando was having lunch, a group of people passed by his hut in the middle of his farm. One of them, a very pretty girl, smiled at him and said..
Wow, that’s one enormous mouthful of food..’ (Ang laki ng subo ah..)
Lando was stunned but didn’t say anything.
That night, we heard a commotion outside. A pedicab was hailed to take someone to the hospital in town. It was Lando. Because of too much embarrassment, he drank a bottle of pesticide. It was actually funny if only it wasn’t tragic.
Lando died that night. He killed himself over a joke.. :(
 *not real name

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