May 18, 2015

The Poor Employee

Arnel* was having trouble with money. He wasn’t earning much and his family’s needs are getting more. With his eldest daughter in grade school, the middle in preschool and the youngest one a toddler who lives on milk and uses diaper every night, Arnel was deep in debt.
He regularly borrows money from me and from numerous other friends. Maybe they feel as sorry for the kids as I do.
But one day, his wife came to the house very early. She said Arnel walked from their house going to his workplace. She said they don’t have enough money for fare. Since I knew how far the distance was from their house to Arnel’s office, I got worried if Arnel made it. I called him on his cell phone and he said he made it to work after walking for two hours.
When I asked Arnel’s wife how he would come home, she said he would probably walk again. Then, I asked if he had something to eat for lunch, and her answer was no. I took my wallet from my purse and handed her a couple of hundred bills.
I wish it would never happen to me…
*not real name

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