May 27, 2015

The Manager

Ruth* is every inch the manager. Smartly dressed complete with fashionable shoes and accessories, fluent in both English and Filipino and somehow intimidating.
When I met her, I didn’t know if I was scared of her or quite irritated. Scared because she can take my job away if she finds me wanting and irritated because she was making us all feel uncomfortable and completely stressed out. She is the kind of person whom everybody would like to be when she grows up. Though I, for one, would rather prefer to be more.. warm and approachable.
She told us a little about herself, how she started as an ordinary employee and became a fearless manager for the greater part of her nine working years. She was one successful girl. Then, she said something that I would never forget. She said that until now, she isn’t sure whether her career is the right one for her.
I was thinking, how could it be? How could such apparently successful individual question whether the thing she seems to excel in is right for her. How did she stand working in a kind of business that she didn’t like all these years.
I suddenly felt proud of the times when I was teaching. I never ever question whether it was the right job for me. I simply knew. Someday I would go back to teaching and continue educating young people.
 *not real name

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