May 9, 2015

The Magical Pebble

Sandra is a very smart girl. She was a consistent honor student from grade school to high school. She went to college through a scholarship and graduated with honors. But though unquestionably smart, Sandra is also a very shy girl. Her parents have assured her time and time again of how good she is but she still feels uncomfortable around people and prefers to be alone with her books.
When she graduated from college, Sandra started to feel sad. Though she graduated with honors and her chances of being hired was good, she wouldn’t be hired if she wasn’t interviewed and she dreads the interview. She was sure she would be tongue-tied and would blow up her chances of getting the job.
Then one day, she saw an ad for a job that she really really likes. She looked at the ad the whole day and pondered on how she would get the job. Her mother noticed her pacing nervously back and forth across the living room. Mother asked Sandra what was wrong so Sandra told her.
After hearing her daughter’s problem. Mother asked Sandra what her plans were and Sandra answered she didn’t know yet.”
I would go if I were you..’ i mother simply said.
But mother, what if I get too nervous and fail to answer the interview questions?’
‘But why would you? You’re smart, surely you would be able to answer the interview questions..’
I don’t know mother. If only there’s a potion I could drink that will give me courage to go through with the interview, then maybe I could get my dream job..’
Mother’s face lit up. Suddenly, an idea occurred to her. She went inside the room she shared with father. When she came back, she had with her a round shaped flat pebble.  She handed it to Sandra and said.
‘Here, take this..’
What is this? And what am I supposed to do with it?’
It was mine. Your grandmother gave it to me on my interview for my first job. I put it in my pocket and every time I felt nervous, I touch it and my nervousness would go away, and because of that, I got the job..’ Mother explained.
‘Really? Wow! Why didn’t you give it to me before? Do you think it would work for me?’
There’s only one way to find out..’
The following day, Sandra went for the interview. She put the pebble in her pocket and every time she got nervous, she would touch it. She would feel calm and would be able to answer the interview questions casually and very confidently. When the interview was over, she was told she was hired.
Sandra went home very happy. She told her mother what happened and thanked her for the pebble.
‘It really worked, Mother! I wished you’d seen me. I was so good. I was very confident and the interviewer was obviously impressed. This pebble is magical. Where did grandma get this?’
From our backyard.’
What!? But how come it got magic?’
Did I ever say it has?’
But… but it worked. I got the job because of it..’
i didn’t work, Sandra. You did. It didn’t get the job for you. You got it for yourself..’
Sandra stared at the pebble on her palm for a long time. Then she closed her hand around it and smiled.
Yes, I got the job for myself. Wow! I didn’t know I was good and this ordinary pebble showed me that I am.’
Sandra reached for her mother and hugged her..
Thank you, Mother. If this pebble isn’t magical, then you are…’
Most mothers are, Sandra. And someday, you will be, too..’
✿✿✿ Happy Mother’s Day! ✿✿✿
(Original story by the blog author. Any similarities with other stories, fiction or otherwise, are purely incidental.)

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