May 5, 2015

The Little Miss..

It is somehow traditional for us, Filipinos, to hold contests and competitions during a celebration. For instance, it is common at town fiestas to have singing and beauty competitions, which are, unsurprisingly, joined by an enormous number of contest enthusiasts.
About 7 years ago, a neighbor of mine had her daughter join the 'Little Miss…’ in our subdivision. They bought the most glamorous gown they could find. The girl was taught to dance the latest dance craze at the time and she was practiced to answer different types of beauty contest questions. I nearly forgot to mention.. the girl is not so pretty.
When the contest was concluded, the girl didn’t get any place at all. The mother and grandmother, enraged with the result of the contest, called it nonsense and biased. After ranting about the injustice, all three of them marched off to.. we didn’t ask where and came back at the end of the day with a shining tiara and a trophy that goes with it. I heard they got a discount for the entire set and a free sash :D
And that’s how my neighbor’s daughter came to be the Little Miss…

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