May 13, 2015

The Heart That Forgives

My friend Sheila* is a very kind girl. She may look tough in the outside with her booming laugh and outspoken tongue but she is soft hearted and generous. She is the only person I know who never, as in never, nurse grudges against anyone.
So, when I learned that she was in a relationship with Matt* I felt.. worried. Well, Matt is actually nice, very quiet and polite. But he has a tendency to be touchy and consequently rude. He gets mad at Sheila when she said something she thought totally inoffensive, but actually offensive to Matt. He takes almost everything negatively and puts words into Sheila’s mouth which usually starts a fight between them. When he is not in the mood, he wouldn’t send Sheila a single text message for a week and wouldn’t offer any explanation for his behavior but would get mad at Sheila when she doesn’t reply right away to his message.
Sheila is not suppose to point out his shortcomings otherwise he would get deeply offended and would say something harsh to her, apparently to hurt her. Time and time again, I told Sheila that Matt isn’t worthy of her but she would brush me off and would simply say she’s used to Matt by now.
I don’t know how she manages to be so forgiving though she said something that I could not forget. She said that she’s aware of Matt’s flaws but between losing Matt altogether and accepting his flaws, the latter is the one she could live with.
I just wish, for her sake, that she is happy with the way things are..

*not real names

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