May 1, 2015

The Clue

When you lose someone for the first time.. and the second time… then the third time, isn’t it clue enough? Do you still have to wonder why you keep on losing him?
My friend Adelle* and I met in college. There he met the man of her dreams. Though we were only 16 at the time, she was so sure he was the one for her. To cut the long story short, they broke up. Adelle was crushed and I hated James* for causing my friend so much pain.
So, when they got back together five years after their break-up, I was uneasy. But since I was just a friend and I could only hope for the best and expect for the worst, I kept quiet. And my expectations were justified when Adelle, after yearssss of waiting for James to make things ‘official’, decided to let him go and luckily found someone else who gave her the love and affection James was too much of a jerk to give.
But if I was uneasy the second time, I was outraged when Adelle told me, just recently, that James had been hanging around, which made it the third time he messed up with my friend’s life. This time I knew I couldn’t meddle. I wasn’t able to influence Adelle then, how could I hope to influence her now? So, I just watched from a distance as the loathsome guy broke my friend’s heart for the third time.
He’s just hateful. No matter how much Adelle tried to tell me that it was her fault for falling for him again, I knew in my heart that despicable guy was conscious of his effect on my friend. He knew as he had always known, and yet he chose to toy around with her feelings.
I know I’m being biased, but I can’t help it. It’s frustrating..
*not real name

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