May 16, 2015

Loving.. Knowing.. Accepting..

Love isn’t blind. I guess you would agree with me on that. It actually sees the flaws and the shortcomings, but it doesn’t mind..
Actually, we mind, but at the back of our minds, we have this wish that someday, somehow, the person we love would change, probably for us, for himself, or even for someone else. And when he doesn’t, we feel hurt, frustrated and sometimes betrayed. We keep thinking that ‘if he really loves me, he would do this or he wouldn’t do that…
More often than not, the person doesn’t change, wouldn’t change or wouldn’t want to change, whatever the case may be. Once I asked a cousin if she knew that her husband was overly jealous before they got married, she said yes. Then, I asked a friend if she knew that her husband was pushy before they got married and she said yes, as well. So, if they knew it right from the start, why are they complaining now?
My cousin got separated from her husband 5 years ago, and my friend has not been living with her husband for 3 years now. I could say I wasn’t surprised with the turn of events, and though I’m definitely not happy about it, I was actually kind of expecting it.
Sad, isn’t it?

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