May 12, 2015

Learning the Hard Way

A few years ago, my brother’s fellow tricycle driver Lucas* teased him for not daring to drive around when his registration paper got expired. Lucas called my brother ‘softie’ but my brother didn’t mind. Lucas said getting caught was just a matter of ‘luck’.
So, when Lucas’ registration got expired, he didn’t bother to renew it right away. Unluckily, he was caught by the Land Transportation officers. It was found out that besides carrying an expired registration papers for the tricycle, Lucas’ driver’s license was also expired and his tail light wasn’t working.
All in all, he spent several thousand pesos to have his tail light fixed, to have his registration renewed (plus the penalty) and to have her driver’s license renewed (plus the penalty), which was more than double of the amount he would have spent if he did it the right way.. :D
Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Talk about learning the hard way..
 *not real name

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